Wooden mannequins for drawing and decor

Oct 25, 2009

A live model is always ideal when drawing the human figure, but wooden mannequins are handy as a reference for proportion. The adjustable forms can be posed in still or action positions, helping artists to focus on the ratio of one part to the next.

Wooden mannequins can be found in different sizes and forms, such as male and female figures, hands, and horses.  They are great for young artists because their forms are simple, and it's fun for kids to move the mannequins into different poses.  However, being fully jointed, the mannequins are susceptible to damage with a careless jolt of an arm or leg. I, unfortunately, have seen many mannequin casualties in the classroom. 

Wooden mannequins also make great accessories in the home office, studio, or family room.  It's not uncommon anymore to see them in home decor catalogs. And being quite affordable, the element of art can be brought into any living space. 


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