Framing art is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Feb 4, 2010

Showcasing art, particulary smaller drawings and prints, doesn't need to cost a fortune.  Here are three simple steps on how to frame art for your walls.

STEP 1  Find an artwork that you really love.  It can be a print, an original drawing, a photograph, and even a card.  Browse these sites for some great art pieces: Etsy, The Shiny Squirrel, Little Paper Planes.

STEP 2  Find a mat and a frame for the art. If the artwork is not a standard size, like 5" x 7", you can still get a mat custom cut for an affordable price.  I had one cut for my drawing for $8 at a local art shop.

The hardest part of the mat process is choosing a color.  An off-white (anything from cream to light gray) is always a good choice.  I chose a light gray mat for my drawing.  Make sure to look at the mat sample in the natural light to get a more accurate idea of what it'll look like in your home. 

You also want to have a frame picked out at this point, so that the mat can be cut to size.  Even though the dimensions of my art work is 9" x 12", I wanted a frame that was a little bigger.  At the art shop, I found an 11" x 14" metal frame in black that was perfect. 

STEP 3 Frame the art!  Now that you have the mat and the frame, all you have to do is assemble the pieces together.  First lay the artwork on a flat surface.  Place two pieces of tape at the top and bottom so that the sticky side is facing up.  Position the mat over the art and press down.

Before putting the matted work in the frame, wipe the glass clean on both sides.  With the frame face down, place the mat and art work onto the glass.  Secure the back and voil√°!

Choosing a frame and having a mat custom cut took less than 30 minutes. And the total cost was under $25!


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