making your own fabric tape

Jun 17, 2010

I was thrilled to discover last week a wonderful new blog called Annekata.  The first post I read was a tutorial on how to make your own fabric tape, and I knew that was the first thing I wanted to do with my printed fabric.

The steps are quite simple.  (And I'm sure you could even improvise with double-sided tape, but I wanted to create a more permanent bond between the fabric and tape.)

I bought some packaging tape and laid a strip of it on some wax paper.  Since the tape had some gloss on the non-sticky side, I used sand paper to prepare the surface for glue.  (If you skip this step, you'll find that the fabric will just peel right off of the tape.  Believe me, I tried it!)

I applied some Tacky Glue on the tape (the bottle comes with a handy brush), and then laid a strip of fabric onto the tape. 

I smoothed out the fabric with my fingers.

Once the glue dried, I used a rotary cutter to cut out the fabric tape and presto!  My very own custom fabric tape.


Anonymous said...

Rad! And we definitely have a spot at the summer Faire. Yikes!

janfoxdesigns said...

I know this is an old thread but have you tried using fusible webbing to back your fabric tape? You just iron it on and when cool, you can use the iron again to apply it to anything that is heat resistant....and it's permanent. Just a thought that might make the process easier for you. Smiles

Cathy said...

Jan, thanks for the advice. I actually have used fusible tape. Great for a lot of projects. I ended up buying a sticker machine. I just roll the fabric through, and it applies a sticky adhesive to the back of the fabric. So convenient!

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