This Weekend: Little Winter Handmade Market

Nov 6, 2010

what :: beautiful art, handcrafted clothes and accessories, plus lovely paper goods
when :: thru sunday 5p
where :: the cleaners, downtown Portland

 darling wooden house ornaments from my house party

MossiƩre, a new botanical-themed collection by Alyson Graves Brown
my favorite necklace by Sulu
a lovely yarn wrapped branch at Secret Pocket's table

the talented amanda blake- and i loved her outfit today

for the latest on little winter market, go here


Lauren said...

I've heard so many lovely things about this market, and wish I lived in the right Portland (i'm in the east coast P-land) so I could see all the creativity there. Thanks for bringing me there through looks so fun!

belinda marshall said...

would so love to go to this market ~ looks so stylish :)

Anonymous said...

So wish I could have gone. Thanks for taking the pics!

HomeCollection. said...

The beautiful things!!

big.tea said...

oh, man! i shoulda gone. no excuse really. just a good weekend to stay home. but, geez. i shoulda gone.

abby try again said...

Your photos are gorgeous.
Thank you for coming and thank you for sharing this beautiful post.
It made me smile :)

Cathy said...


Little Winter was one of the best curated markets I've been to. I know that planning an event like this is no easy task, but you guys did an amazing job. I look forward to the next one!


Sam | ashore said...

these photos are just as magic as being there! love them

my house party said...

wow. beautiful photos.

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