Dazzling chandeliers made from discarded objects

Jun 21, 2011

Drop, 1800 plastic bottles, 2007.

According to British designer Stuart Haygarth, one man's trash is another man's treasure.  He collects thousands of discarded objects, mainly plastic items, and creates stunning chandeliers out of the found materials.   Drop (shown above) is a lighting structure made from the bases of 1800 plastic water bottles.  The pieces were tumbled in a cement mixer to give the plastic a frosted glass effect.

His lighting designs are as thought-provoking as they are beautiful.  Tide (shown below) is constructed with plastic debris and other manmade materials washed ashore along the Kent coastline.  Haygarth shaped the collected items into a moon-like structure, since the moon creates tides that wash up the discarded objects onto the shore. 

Tide, manmade objects washed ashore, 2004.

Spectacle, plastic framed spectacles, 2006.

Icon Experiment: Stuart Haygarth from Penelope Shaw on Vimeo.

Tail Light, vehicle light lenses, 2007.  [images courtesy of www.stuarthaygarth.com]

In addition to his creative lighting designs, Haygarth uses reclaimed objects in installations.  Here is a video of the 2010 installation Framed in the Victoria and Albert Museum (London).   Framed is comprised of hundreds of painted picture frame off-cuts.

FRAMED Stuart Haygarth/John Jones installation at the V&A from Stuart York on Vimeo.


lamina @ do a bit said...

Wow... how amazing!! I love them all especially "Tide" Beautiful!

kathleen said...

beautiful work! love the concept of reusing material that would otherwise be filling a landfill - instead people pay to go see it in exhibits!

Tatiana Sakurai said...

Absolutely gorgeous and inspiring!

Thank you for sharing this, Cathy.

katy said...

What kind of VISION he must have to come up with these amazing ideas! Beautiful, beautiful. But I wonder what his garage looks like?

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