I swoon for Pendleton

Oct 12, 2011

I've been focused on a big client project (will tell soon) since returning from Ireland.  Yesterday, I needed a little break, so I headed to the Pendleton Woolen Mill Store.  The store is just a ten minute drive from my home, but this was my first visit.

I dragged my husband along and the second we stepped foot into the large warehouse, he knew that he had a rabid Pendleton fan on his hands.  My eyes got really big, I had a huge smile on my face, and I turned to him and said this is my Disneyland!

It is really quite amazing how powerless I am to bolts of exquisite fabrics.  And there were so many beautiful fabrics to look at, my eyes were speed jumping from one pattern to the next! Then, I turned the corner and saw this spectacular space.

It's an enormous showroom of blankets and tapestries- one of my favorites being the gray panel on the right. My husband noticed the floors right away, which is the original hardwood flooring from the Pendleton Mill.

The initial reason for the store visit was the remnant table.  I was thinking of making some throw pillows for our couch, until I found a queen size wool remnant I couldn't resist.  It would go perfectly with the rustic headboard we made last spring!  The wool fabric just needed a finished edge,  so, I bought ten yards of wool tape at the store for $1/yd.  The total for the remnant, edging, and cute little pouch (in first photo) came to $55, which I thought was a great deal considering Pendleton blankets go for upwards of $200 - $300. 

It took me about two hours to double stitch the binding onto the blanket's edge, which includes the cutting and pinning.  My husband is thinking that we should give blankets to family for Christmas, but I'm already talking about making blankets for our future cabin in the woods!

image via The Portland Collection blog

I love good fashion as much as I do good blankets, so I was pretty much freaking out when I saw this new collection online.   It's called Pendleton, The Portland Collection (TPC), and it just launched a few weeks ago.  The three designers all hail from Portland, and, together, they have created a stunning collection that marries modern, indie fashion with Pendleton heritage.  This video captures bits of their inspiration, work space, and creative journey.


Iris Vank said...

That is so gorgeous! Wow!

Kristen Donegan said...

I too share your love of Pendleton!! How lucky you are to live so close to their mill- and thank you so much for sharing this post- am drooling ;)

Jennifer Allison said...

would love to see it next to the headboard! :)

Charissa said...

Beautiful! Love that you did it yourself.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I haven't been there. We have to go there next time I'm in town!

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