Jul 26, 2014

God speaks to me through the roar of an ocean and the wind's whisper in a forest.  It's a message that rings true in my heart and mind.  Know that I am God.

As I stand at the edge of the land and sea, I find comfort in His never changing ways. With every crashing wave, He declares His authority- and it's good and merciful.

This is the message that I've known all my life.  I cling to its power and truth when I feel the world's darkness and grief surround me. 

As a pastor's wife, I am constantly encountering stories of heartbreak and suffering.  Abusive relationships, neglected children, addictions, cronic illnesses, and more.  It's a side of my life that's never shared on the blog, yet it's such a significant part of my life.

He only is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be shaken. 

Life is messy, and through my faith and art, I try to find clarity, order, and hope.  Often times it's the simple things in life, like watching a sunset, that reminds us of our Maker and His faithfulness to us. 

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