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Oct 28, 2013

Just as things are starting to slow down a bit (as of yesterday), the holiday season is upon us.  I'm currently working on new products for my Etsy shop, including notecards and a 2014 calendar.  Looking back at my blog posts, I realized that it's been awhile since I've shared my latest original paintings and weavings.  So here's a list of the new and available work. 

Hood, mixed media on wood panel, 16 x 20 inches.
This piece had been hanging in Portland's popular ice cream shop, Salt and Straw, for the month of September, so it should smell like yummy dairy goodness.  (I may be a little lactose intolerant, but I'll never admit it when it comes to gourmet ice cream.)

The painting is of Mt. Hood, a favorite subject of mine.  It's hard to tell in the picture, but the little dots in the sky are gold, like thousands of twinkling stars.  Hood is currently available in my Big Cartel shop, along with these two new weavings:

Smaller works are uploaded into my Etsy shop.  I currently have available 12 originals priced at $35 - $90, including these three pieces:

Enchant, mixed media on wood panel, 5 x 7 inches.
Red Sky, acrylic, ink and gouache on wood panel, 5 x 5 inches.
one fine day, mixed media on wood panel, 5 x 7 inches.
A heads up.  The pricing of my art will increase soon.  So you may want to snatch up a one-of-kind piece at a super affordable price ($35!).  

remembering summer

Oct 3, 2013

The transition from summer to fall in Portland has been quick and downright harsh.  September is normally a glorious month in Oregon, so I feel ripped-off that we've been pounded with torrential downpour for days on end.  Flooding in the basement- what?! That normally doesn't happen until November.

I really dislike the word soggy, and yet that may be one of the better descriptors for the Pacific Northwest right now. 

If I could, I would will summer back.  But, the best that I can do is flip through my photos and try to hold onto some of the most cherished memories of my year. 

Here are some snapshots I took on our summer trip to the Olympic National Park  . . .

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