my week

Nov 26, 2012

it's been 15 years since we've brought a puppy home
she's a lot like our first dog- so very sweet . . . but a tad more fearless
she didn't even cry her first night with us

the day before thanksgiving, we took her to the beach
she chased the waves and climbed the dunes

we named her Scout

the november rain has been relentless
but we caught a break at the beach

when the sun was setting, the sky looked like it was on fire
a young man pointed to the colorful display and remarked, "heaven's a million miles that away"
well said

i've amped up production this week
in preparation for the holiday market nov. 30 - dec. 1

whatever doesn't sell goes into my etsy shop on sunday
tomorrow's feat: designing a 2013 calendar

i think i can, i think i can

Limited-edition linocut giveaway

Nov 24, 2012

I nearly forgot that it is my Etsy shop's anniversary today!  I've been quite busy these past few weeks helping out with a church art project and spearheading the Holiday Market at my daughter's school. Oh, and did I mention we got a puppy?!  Pictures to come in the next post.

In all this craziness, I've managed to eek out some me-time at my art desk. . . sleep is over-rated, I say.  My latest creative output resulted in a batch of hand printed linocuts.  Printmaking was my focus in college, but it's been years since I've tackled a hand printing project.  My daughters watched me this time as I hand pulled the first lino print, and all the oohs and ahhs from the peanut gallery just added to the excitement. 

I used turquoise ink for the first few prints and then switched to a deeper blue (and oil-based) ink.  There are only three of the turquoise available, and I thought it would be fitting to give them away in celebration of my three year Etsy anniversary. 

If you'd like a chance to nab one of these limited-edition prints, just leave a comment below.  On Wednesday, November 28th, I'll randomly choose three winners and post the names here.  

I am also giving away these prints with every order in my Etsy shop.  You can check out the details here.

11/28: Congratulations to the three winners! David Thurston, Emmel Prutsemieke, and Emma-Lee

weaving 101

Nov 13, 2012

In September, I finally signed up for a weaving class at an arts center in my neighborhood.  For years, I have looked through the windows of the weaving class and have long envied the folks working on the looms.

The last time I took a weaving class, I was nine years old.  We never got to floor looms, which, as I've been learning these past few weeks, involves a lot of mathematical calculations and tedious threading.  I thought that I had decent math skills (and patience!) up until now.  Adding and multiplying allowances, shrinkage, fringe, ends per inch . . . huh? 

I did manage to finish my weaving sampler, which I had been working on since the start of class!

One of the things that spurred me to sign up for a weaving class was the purchase of a vintage miniature loom at an artist's estate sale.  Knowing very little about weaving, I bought the loom on faith that I could get it to working order.  I brought the loom to class, and my instructor pointed out that it was missing a heddle, which is the part of the loom that holds the threads in place to create an open space for the shuttle.

After scouring the internet for a heddle, I decided to make my own.  I figured if the loom was 80 years old, surely I could macgyver a working heddle.  So, I did, out of quilting plastic template and craft wood. That's it, the piece hanging from the top bar.

Here are some photos capturing the process.

You can imagine my excitement when it worked!  I finished my first weaving on the little loom just a few days ago.

And I'm almost done with my second piece! I'm planning on selling these weavings at the upcoming Holiday Market in Portland,  November 30 thru December 1. 

hello london!

Nov 7, 2012

I'm excited to announce that my art will be part of a group show at a new London gallery called Lilk.  For the last few weeks, I've been working on new originals for the show.  The three paintings are on paper and are a bit larger than my usual works on paper.  Here's a look at the finished pieces.

Autumn Sun, 15 x 20 inches

left: Black Forest, right: Timberline, both 11.75 x 16.5 inches

I've uploaded a couple of work in progress pics on instagram.  If you live in the London area, I'd love for you to check out the show at Lilk.  The group show runs from December 3 - 9, with the late night event planned for Thursday, December 6.  For those who live outside of London, my new works will also be available for viewing and purchase on Lilk's website.

supporting the arts at a local school

Nov 2, 2012

Last year, I helped launch an arts fair at our neighborhood elementary school, and somehow I ended up chairing the event this year.  (Note to self: avoid eye contact at next parent volunteer meeting.)  So part of my crazy fall schedule involves after school meetings, event planning, and networking.  I also managed to eek out an illustration for the poster design.

There will be about 30 local vendors (a number of Etsy sellers) participating in the Holiday Market.  For the next few weeks, I'll be working on new inventory for the show.  I'm thinking more paintings on cedar wood slices and rocks.  And I'm hoping to have a 2013 calendar ready by then.

If you're in the Portland area at the end of this month, please stop by and say hello.  The Holiday Market is a great way to shop for handmade gifts and support a local school. Twenty-five percent of all sales goes back to the arts program at Capitol Hill- yay for art in schools! With the proceeds, we are hoping to update the kiln and stock classrooms with art materials.

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