The art of folding paper

Oct 17, 2009

Yesterday I posted new art work that was inspired by my grandmother's love of folding paper.  When I was a little girl, she would sit with me and show me how to fold a square piece of paper into different objects and creatures.  My favorite was the canoe, which I would try to float on water.

My grandmother started gifting her paper treasures to those closest to her, 1000 cranes at a time.  When I opened my business two years ago, she brought 3000 cranes to the store opening.  She was 95. 

My grandmother was folding paper cranes even in the last moments of her life.  She passed away in May, but her love and inspiration will always live on through tens of thousands of paper cranes.


Chrissy Foreman C said...

Oh my, what a beautiful, heart felt post. And what a magical, wonderful memory to share and keep inside your heart forever.
So, so beautiful
Chrissy x

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