Corey Arnold, the photographer that fishes

Oct 22, 2009

It seems like wherever I go in Portland, someone is connected to Corey Arnold.  Just recently, his name has been brought up in conversations I've had with his friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Although I have yet to meet the guy, I am very familiar with his amazing photography.

Corey is most well known for his photos of the fishing industry.  A fisherman himself, Corey spends months at sea documenting the glories and perils of commercial fishing.  The thing I most appreciate about his photos is the honesty.  Catching crabs is not a glamorous job, and he balances this candid reality with the authentic beauty and drama of the sea.

Here are a few photos from one of Corey's fishing trips in Norway:

Photos in order: The Birds, Rost Torsk, Big Sei Set, Hyse, The Tangle

I recommend that you also check out this great slideshow where Corey talks about his fishing and photo experiences.


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