A local ceramic artist's studio

Oct 15, 2009

Today I paid Lisa Jones a visit.  Lisa is the founder of and creative behind Pigeon Toe Ceramics, which is a collection of beautiful, hand thrown porcelain vessels.  Lisa's work room is part of an artist shared space called Radius Studio.  The two level building is located underneath the Morrison Bridge in the SE industrial area of Portland.

Lisa recently moved from one room in the basement to an enclosed space right next to the kilns.  Today was my first visit to the new room, and I loved some of the new changes she made.  An entire wall of the studio, for example, was painted in chalkboard paint, where Lisa keeps track of all her immediate orders.  What a great idea!

One of my favorite things about visiting artists in their studios is seeing their current projects.  Lisa took the cover off of an item on the shelf and revealed a light fixture that she had made for a local bakery.  We talked about the challenges of throwing larger vessels on the wheel, including how taxing it is on the arms.  The result was dramatic though, and I look forward to seeing more of her larger scaled works in the future!


LIsa Jones said...

you should come visit more often! it's always great to have you.

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