The woodless pencil, my favorite drawing utensil

Oct 8, 2009

The woodless pencil is a must have for any beginning or pro artist.  It weighs more than a traditional pencil encased in wood, so the graphite goes on smoother and easier.  Shading is a lot faster, too, as the woodless pencil can create broader strokes. 

Woodless pencils, like many drawing pencils, come in different grades.  I tend to use 4B the most. The only downside to using a woodless pencil is its breakability.  Once it rolls off the table, expect to find it in a few pieces on the floor.  The fragmented pieces can be sharpened though and are still very usable.

Woodless pencils can be found in most craft and art stores.  They run about $2 a piece.

sketch drawn with a woodless pencil


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