Jill Bliss details the beauty of the Pacific Northwest in her new works

Dec 15, 2009

I missed Jill Bliss' latest art show opening this past Friday, and I am very bummed.  Jill created eight new pieces for the Anima exhibition at the Portland gallery Land, and the works are amazing.  Jill is known for her detailed flora art, and the 18" x 24" Anima drawings are the largest that she's done in this illustrative style.

The bear piece, which is my favorite, is remarkable.  Here's a closer look at the details.

I love how Jill has taken elements of landscape and created "portraits" of our natural habitat.  Can't wait to see more works from Jill in this new direction!  Be sure to stop by Land gallery to see Jill's original drawings in person.  You can also pick up prints of her Anima works on her website.  


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