Touring twenty-four artist studios in one book

Dec 3, 2009

Ah, you gotta love technology sometimes.  I had this post ready to go this morning and then it magically disappeared into the abyss we call cyber space.

So, here's my second attempt to mention this great new book I picked up yesterday.  It's titled Inside the Painter's Studio, and it's an insider's look into the studios and work routines of twenty-four New York artists.

My work space is in the basement of our home about an arm's length away from the washing machine, so needless to say, there was much coveting going on as I pored over the pages of this book.  Let's just say I broke the Commandment "do not covet thy neighbor's art studio" multiple times. 

Joe Fig, the author of the book and a New York artist himself, poses questions in the artist interviews that are relevant and actually interesting to other artists.  A few of the questions, for example,  pertain to the different tools, materials, and equipment used by the featured artists.  I love sharing great products with other folks, so I really enjoyed reading and seeing what other artists were using in their works. 

Looking through the photographs, I also loved seeing the work tables and palettes of the artists.  Some of these tables had layers of paint from decades of use.  I'm not sure if I could handle my own work table caked in paint, but there is something so inspiring about it.

Reading Inside the Painter's Studio, I realized how much I would appreciate a book like this if I was an art student today.   At the end of each interview, the featured artists give advice to young artists starting out.  Artist Gregory Amenoff says it so well,

Form collectives. Rent spaces.  Have shows.  Don't wait around for the dealers and the curators to come to you.  Create opportunity that brings them to you.  Stay away from art fairs.  Hang out at museums and look at old art.

Whether you're an aspiring artist, an accomplished artist, or an avid fan of art, Inside the Painter's Studio is a great addition to any art book collection.

Yes, that is the view from her studio.  Sigh.


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