Aili Schmeltz' mixed media art, an harmonious display of nature's beauty

Jan 13, 2010

I love how Aili uses so many different mediums in her work and manages to make all of the varying elements in one piece come together beautifully.  The wall collage, Geode, is one of my favorites.  It would be so striking on a bedroom wall above a bed.  (Wishful thinking on my part.)

Geode.  Mixed media and collage on paper.  16' x 53".  2007.  

Santa Anna Print 1.  Digital print, waterless lithography, gouache and ink paper.  22" x 15".  2009.

Untitled.  Mixed media on paper mounted on panel.  20" x 17".  2008.

Goucher Glacier. Nails, string, wood.  2008.


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