Different color palettes of art

Feb 20, 2010

My daughters are polar opposites, even when it comes to ice cream.  One loves chocolate flavors while the other prefers fruity blends.  When it comes to art, I wouldn't be surprised if one preferred a darker, monotone palette, and the other, a fusion of bright rainbow colors.  This week, I happened to come across a few artists who created works in both of these palettes.  I work in a wide spectrum of colors myself, so I love both color groups.  Maybe this is why I like a double scoop of ice cream!

Betsy Walton, Riverbank, acrylic gouache.

Two Teas, gouache on paper.

Kristin Brenneman Eno, Just One Pod, monoprint.

Cells, oil.

Tony Wuman, Herring Chandelier, plastic and brass. 

Herring Pendant, plastic.

Alex Beeching, The Constellation of the Elephant.

 Dolce, digital photography.


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