Amtrack it from Portland to Seattle

Mar 25, 2010

The beautiful ceiling in Portland's historical Union Station, which opened in 1896.  

While the kids were away for a couple of days, my husband and I decided to take a short trip to Seattle to see some friends.  We traveled by train, which is about a 3.5 hour ride to the Emerald City.   Not bad considering it can take as long or longer by car if you get stuck in Seattle traffic.

Downtown Seattle and the famous Space Needle.

We try to go to Seattle at least once a year.  I love all the hills and water surrounding the city.

Yesterday we visited the Ballard district.  For lunch, we stopped at an amazing eatery called La Carta de Oaxaca.  I loved all the beautiful photographs on the wall of the scenery and people of Oaxaca, Mexico.  A few were even illuminated from behind.  And the presentation of the food was just as impressive as the decor.  I snapped this picture of our meal before we ate it.  It was delicioso!

Mixed media painting by Seattle artist Janet Fagan and Lotus Glows made by Michelle Fokos of Luma Designs.

There is an an art retail store in Ballard that I like to go to called Venue.  The shop also functions as a studio space for several local Seattle artists.  When I first visited the shop a few years ago, I came across these great candle holders made from recycled glass.  I love how the color of the glass is illuminated onto the surface when the candle is lit!

Venue currently showcases handmade collections from over 40 artists and craftspeople.  Products carried in the stop include jewelry, stationary, soaps, linens, and handbags.  I couldn't resist these felted rocks made by Leah Adams of Spiderfelt.  They are actual rocks that are wrapped in wool! And I was so excited to finally find something to put on this wood platter-like piece in my home. Perfect!


Wende said...

I adore the train. And it's so amazing to see Ballard come into its own. When I lived in Seattle ages ago, it was a totally different place. Famous for dive bars, in fact. :D

Gorgeous post! Thank you for sharing.

Leah said...

And I love Portland! We spent three days exploring the city just after Christmas. Such treasures. So many neighborhoods to discover. It is fascinating to see a visitor's perspective on our city. Thanks for including my pebbles in your photo documentary.

k a t said...

I love living in Ballard! But I visit Portland as much as I can. In fact this weekend I will be in Portland. :) You're train station is much prettier than ours, but hopefully ours will look better when it is done being renovated. Here's to the mutual admiration society of Seattle & Portland!

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