Artists I like: Julia Pott

Apr 26, 2010

Any day now I should be getting in the mail Julia Pott's Breathe (left picture).  When I first saw it in her Etsy shop, I knew I had to have it for my walls.  I love everything about it: the textures, all the animals (I have a soft spot for panda bears), and even the date stamped on the bear's belly.

Julia is this amazing illustrator from London.  A lot of her drawings feature animals with human-like qualities, like a bear hugging a boy or a dog and cat holding hands.  They're sweet and at the same time very vulnerable, exposing some of our deepest needs and emotions in relationships.

Julia has her hand in a lot of different projects.  Recently, she worked on a multimedia project with The Decemberists.   Here's a snippet; it's very cool. 


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