The enchanted world of artist Ann Wood

Apr 5, 2010

Brooklyn artist Ann Wood has an amazing gift of turning scraps of fabric, paper, and wire into endearing and timeless works of art.  Her blog is one of my favorites as I feel like I'm in a fairy tale.   Handmade castles, ships with sails, and winsome creatures- what more could a romantic girl ask for?  (A knight in shining armor, I suppose, but a guy who washes the dishes will do.)

The pictures on Ann's blog are so beautiful, too.  I love these two snapshots of her place.

As an artist, I appreciate seeing Ann's works in progress.  Here are a couple of photos showing a blue bird in the making and some salvaged paper that is being used in a paper mache project. 

And Ann is generous in sharing her creative ideas with others.  This is a lovely pattern of a cardboard horse that she designed.  I absolutely love the look of the stampede!

Ann's speciality are little charming birds made from vintage fabrics.  The bride and groom are adorable, but the striped pirate bird is hard to resist!  See more of her handmade bird collection in her shop.


Daughter Earth said...

wow these are really beautiful

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