Show and Tell, a new series

Apr 16, 2010

Today is Show and Tell in my daughter's classroom.  I loved Show and Tell in school, so I figured I would create a new series on the blog.  I'll try to post a new Show and Tell every 2 - 3 weeks of things that I acquired (either bought, given, or borrowed) that I'm really excited about.   Today's post covers three items items that I just got the last couple of weeks.

From left, clockwise:
1. Prairie Underground organic cotton dress (resale find, $30).  Seattle-based Prairie Underground is one of my favorite clothing lines.  I feel like I'm wearing sweats but look very feminine at the same time, which is a hard-to-find combo in fashion!  Their hoodies are a must-have in every woman's closet.  So flattering on different body types, and sooo comfortable.

2.  Handmade zipper sketchbook (birthday gift).  Very retro and very cool.  There are only five of them in existence.  The book was made by hand (cutting, screenprinting, and sewing) by the talented Mareika Weber

3.  Little ceramic bowl ($2!).  There is a terrific arts center near our home.  In the lobby is a shelf of donated ceramic pieces, either seconds or leftovers from a class.  The pieces are marked at very reasonable prices, just a few dollars on average.  And all the money from sales goes back to the arts center.  Hurray for art programs!


chelsea said...

Great idea!

Leah said...

I love the series idea. Gorgeous peek into your life. The zippered sketchbook is fantastic.

mareika said...

I´m so happy to see that you already drew into the sketchbook! i would love to see it someday when it is full of your artwork!! thx a lot!

Cathy said...

Thanks for the wonderful feedback! I am looking forward to posting the next Show and Tell.

Mareika, I love taking the sketchbook with me whenever I take the girls to the park. It's so portable and I'm never worried about losing my pen!

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