Art and fashion with a Scandinavian flair

May 26, 2010

I have a thing for Scandinavian folk art.  I just love the stylized characters and the use of simple, yet unique patterns.  Today's collection showcases a couple of contemporary artists whose folk art-inspired works make my heart flutter.  Also featured are a couple of fashion lines that complement each other and the design elements of the folk art. 

These two works were created by French illustrator Anne-Lise Boutin.  I love the minimal color palette, and the dolls are absolutely stunning. (So I realize that matryoshka dolls are Russian, but I still feel that they have a Scandinavian look, yes? Especially so with the deer and tree graphic.) 

Lina Rennell hails from California, and title of her collection last year sums up her fashion sense perfectly- "Big Sur Meets Helsinki."  I love the tent print! 

Sanna Annukka has a passion for folk art.  Shown above are a few of her more recent works. (That little birdie is hard to resist!) She got her first big break in illustration by designing Keane's Under the Iron Sea album cover! Since then, she's worked with companies like Marimekko.

Ivana Helsinki was one of the first collections we ordered when we opened a retail store in Portland a few years back.  The log cabin and tree design are still two of my favorite patterns.  At the time, Ivana Helsinki had a home collection as well as a fashion line.  So a pattern that was used for a dress (such as the log cabin) was also used for a journal cover.  You know a pattern is good when it looks good on a form and on a tabletop!


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