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Jun 2, 2010

I like to browse the fashion blog The Sartorialist from time to time.  I'm always impressed by the dapper men, as if they stepped right out of a Ralph Lauren catalog. Slicked back hair and all!  Dapper is not a word I would use to describe Portland street fashion, but that's perfectly alright with me.  Portlanders like to mix things up, pairing Goodwill finds with high end fashion.  It's an eclectic style that has been chronicled the last year on Urban Weeds by local photographer Lisa Warninger.

Every couple of weeks, someone pops up on there that I know.  That's the wonderful thing about living in a small city.  So I can vouch for the fact that this is the real thing.

Sarah Van Raden and Emily Katz

Jill Bliss and Amy Ruppel

Granted, a lot of these folks have great fashion sense because they are artists and designers themselves.  My favorite feature on Urban Weeds to date, though, is not a fashion designer- nor from Portland!  Jim is a retired professor and concert pianist who lives in New Orleans and Germany (the lederhosen is a dead giveaway).


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