Eye-catching Window Displays

Sep 14, 2010

[right photo image source: Lucky Magazine]

1000 paper airplanes.  That's how many the talented Katie Kulper folded and hung with string in our store windows. It was a magnificent sight, and people walking by would come into our shop just to marvel at the display. It's no surprise that Katie is now a window display designer for Anthropologie, famous for their creative window designs. Check out these Anthropologie displays using discarded books.

[image sources: casasugar.com, flickr]

I'm actually not much of a shopper, but I do enjoy seeing the creative mind at work dressing up a window.  Here are a few more favorite designs.

found styrofoam cup installation by Indo Projects

 Zoe Bradley

papercut dioramas


HomeCollection. said...

we haven't anthropologie in france, but i remember the store windows in portland, last fall. it was magnificent.
these are very beautiful too!

nesting.emily said...

I love seeing people create works of display art! I use to work in a vintage clothing and furnature shop and boy I have fun doing the diplays- they use to take me days sometimes. I think that is one of the main reasons I want to do my own shop : )

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