Last days of summer break

Sep 5, 2010

a lovely evening at the free symphony concert in downtown Portland
making sachets with lavender from the garden (i made the one in front and my seven year-old designed and made the cool contemporary one in the back)
marveling at sunsets outside our window
savoring the last hot summer days before the great hibernation of the sun
getting ready for the start of a new school year


HomeCollection. said...

this sunset seems magical!

annekata said...

Love your pictures. Our school started already and my daughter has already a cold. Argh. The pincushions are beautiful. Did you crochet the circle of yours? The red stitching is perfect. Tell your 7 year old I love the design of the one in the back. I'm very impressed!
Have a good start at school.

Cathy said...

Thanks for your comments! I crocheted the circle with yarn that my grandmother had bought many decades ago.

September is always a brutal month for colds and the flu. When I taught, I always got a cold then.
Lots of tea and rest! Hope your daughter recovers soon.

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