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Sep 19, 2010

playing around with a lensbaby // i might have to get one of these

now that the girls are back in school, 
my husband and i have recommenced our weekly lunch dates to the food carts 
one of our favorites- vietnamese sandwiches, 2 for $6

it's the busy season for family photos
three photo shoots scheduled this weekend and several more in the next few weeks

started a large panel painting // still mapping out the foreground in my head


nesting.emily said...

Weekly lunch dates- how fun! good for you guys. What beautiful children you have. I like how the new piece is coming along and that forest photo is incrediable- so lush!!

resolute twig said...

I just found your blog. I live in portland too :)

I love the start of this piece and that sandwich looks wonderful!

Cathy said...

Emily, thanks for all your kind words! In addition to painting and drawing, I take pictures. So the portraits above were from my most recent photo shoots this weekend. And the kids are super adorable!

Resolute Twig, so great to hear from another Portlander! Thanks for saying hello!

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