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Oct 17, 2010

the youngest wants to be the white queen for halloween
  i reused a flower girl dress and added shiny fabrics and trim/  just need to finish the sleeves and the gold crown
the other patiently waits for her costume- athena the greek goddess

a couple more photo shoots this week, one of an expectant mother
these baby shoes are adorable

many works in progress::
met with a woodworking acquaintance to help me frame some pieces,
can't wait to see the final products
also started on a mini art book for my Etsy shop


barbarabeesblog said...

If the 2 pics in the last row belong to your art book, I want to have it! Great Work!

Alex Louisa said...

Oh wow. The frames that you are having made look stunning. Looks like they will fit your work perfectly. I always love a nice simple but classy frame that sets the work off, rather than something over the top that takes over! Lovely :)

HomeCollection. said...

i love the "pdx" book cover!

Cathy said...

Thanks for the wonderful comments! The "PDX" work is actually one of my embroidery pieces that will hopefully be framed this week. I guess I could include the design in the art booklet, though. Hmmm. . . something to think about.

Galit said...

Oh, this dress is perfect! I want it for myslef!!!

The upper work of yours is gorgeous! Love it so much

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