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Oct 23, 2010

it's chestnut season!
one of my favorite treats- boiled chestnuts
each chestnut is like a little nutty baked potato

painted the bedroom walls kelly green

it's always a treat to see my art in other people's homes
this piece was blogged here

my latest work:: jellyfish 
i used epsom salt with watercolor for a textured effect
the print is now available in my etsy shop


Craig said...

Are chestnuts better boiled than roasted?

Cathy said...

Craig, I've actually never had roasted chestnuts. My family has always boiled chestnuts. With roasting, I hear you have to score the chestnuts. With boiling, you just throw the chestnuts in a pot of boiling water for 20 - 25 minutes. And instead of peeling each chestnut, we use our teeth to crack the chestnuts open and scrape out the meaty goodness. Easy and so delicious.

Craig said...

I'll try it. Actually I don't find the roasted ones that great so I'm curious.

annekata said...

Hi Cathy, just bought the wonderful "jellyfish" print on etsy! I'm very excited.
Regarding chestnuts, they are a staple during the holiday season in Germany. We eat them roasted (after they are scored) and they come in a very hot paper bag. Ah, sweet childhood memories.

Cathy said...

Craig, I find that freshly picked chestnuts have the best flavor. Like you, Kathrin, chestnuts were very much a part of my childhood as well. For many years, my entire extended family would go chestnut picking together. Koreans love chestnuts and use them in cooking as much as they can.

Thanks so much Kathrin for your order! I'm excited for you to see the print in person.

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