Show and Tell: Art in my home

Oct 29, 2010

Arthound has a series called Art@Home that I enjoy following.  I love seeing what kind of art people have in their homes and how they display it.  Some of my favorite collections are those are more eclectic and look like they were thrown together in a minute's time.  I might attempt to do something like this in my bedroom, but, realistically, I'll end up overthinking it and spending a good chunk of time rearranging the whole thing.

Since I love looking at other people's art collections, I thought it was only fair to share some of the pieces I've collected over the years. 

The newest addition to my home is this mola (Kuna folk art that is handstitched and embroidered).  I have been wanting a mola for my walls for some time now and, a few days ago, saw this framed piece at a vintage shop for $25!  I absolutely love the design, and it goes perfectly with my red dining room table.

These limited edition prints were created by artist Maria Watt.  I first mentioned her work here.  Having studied printmaking in college, I gravitate towards art that is transferred from one surface to another.  And, like Watt, I am a huge fan of textile arts, which is why I instantly fell in love with these two works. 

I have two large etchings in my living room by Scottish artist David Law (1831- 1901), who is known for his beautiful landscape works.  I bought them several years ago from a frame/gallery shop in Eugene that was closing.  The works are dated 1886 and appear to be in the original frames.  There is some foxing (brown spots) on the prints, so I'm planning on having the works restored one day.

This 1978 etching by Michele Taylor was another piece that I purchased from the Eugene art shop.  It's titled Woodland Garden, and it reminds me of the lush Willamette Valley.  Every time I look at this piece, it makes me want to get back into printmaking.  And that's what I love about the art in my home- it moves and inspires me.

What art piece do you have in your home that moves you?


Charissa said...

Foxing...what a poetic word for getting brown spots! Do you have any art conservation experience?

Chrissy Foreman C said...

Oh, great post! You're right, it is really interesting to see the art people have in their homes.
I've gone for the, uhh, 'maximism' look in my house ... there's clusters of art on the walls, benches, wooden chests and wherever else I can find roomfor more!

I love to mix and match artworks ~ I have vintage wall hangings, old-school vistorian-style oil paintings, framed originals, paintings on blocks, kids' drawings, giclee prints, collages, papercuts and more smattered together throughout my house. Even our toilet has art in it!

I thnk I'll have to do an art-house post too!

C xx

Cathy said...

Charissa, I don't have any experience in the area of art conservation/restoration, but I would love to learn more about it.

Chrissy, I can't wait to see what your art collection looks like!

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