Two new prints, "Sprig" and "Lake's Edge"

Oct 10, 2010

I rarely work from a sketch when starting a new piece.  Most of the time,  my work is a stream of consciousness.  I first lay down a wash for the background and start building up the details from there.  

The colors that I choose for the background tend to dictate the direction of my work.  In my new mixed media work, Sprig, the blues, violets, and grays reminded me of the Oregon landscape after a period of rain.  

I also had a small pile on my art desk of cut-up drawings from the pocketbook gallery.  I wanted to incorporate some of these pieces in my new work.  I'm not a pack rat by any means, but sometimes it is hard for me to throw away even the smallest of pieces left over from a drawing.  Some of the scraps I see as little morsels of creative thought and execution.  So I keep them in a little bowl to reuse in new compositions. 

Lake's Edge is another work I completed this week.  It's much more graphic and bolder in color than Sprig.  Both prints can now be found in my Etsy shop.


April said...

Love these! Your latest paintings with the watercolor washes as a background have so much depth. They are my favorites.

honeyhuckabee said...

I just bought Sprig!! so so so excited to add this to my art collection :)

Cathy said...

April, you are always so encouraging! Thanks for the comment!

honeyhuckabee, I'm so happy to hear that you love Sprig. And I'd love to know what else you have in your art collection ;) I'm sure it is just as beautiful as your photography.

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