Artists I like: Tracy Rocca

Feb 2, 2011

Moonstone Beach
This painting by Tracy Rocca had me at hello.  Earlier today I came across Tracy's art on Artist A Day, and I had to see more.  I clicked over to her website and soon became lost in a world of celestial images. 

At first glance, the blurred images look like they were taken by a camera.  Moonstone Beach, for example, reminds me of this photograph shot by Portland photographer Anthony Georgis.


When I discovered that Tracy's works were not photographs but paintings,  I became that much more intrigued with her creative process.  In her statement she writes,
the use of instantaneous digital tools in my everyday life makes me want to find a slower, gradual, more contemplative painting process that reasserts the value of the human hand. I work every morning in natural light using traditional painting materials, walnut oils and mongoose brushes, to apply thin glazes of color that I blend and blur into soft transitions.
Even the way Tracy paints sounds heavenly!

Lili Pad II


Sound View


styleforlife said...

LOVE photos...xx Emily of EL Vintage

Alex Louisa said...

That is a lovely description of her process. And completely understandable... I paint digitally all day for work, so I also can't wait to step away from everything digital at the end of the day, and get into my own art that's all created traditionally.

I even thought of parrots before I scrolled to the title of that piece. They're all so lovely and intriguing!

honeyhuckabee said...

WOW. these are incredibly dreamy... thank you for sharing!!

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