Luck of the Irish

Mar 17, 2011

Additional photos taken for the Etsy interview.  Photos by the talented Anthony Georgis.
I feel lucky today for many reasons.  First, there's the Etsy feature.  I truly feel like I won Willy Wonka's golden ticket on this one! Thanks to all of you who left congratulatory notes.  I was extremely touched by all your comments, and I plan on sharing details of my incredible experience early next week.  

As many of you know, it's St. Patrick's Day.  This also happens to be the day my husband proposed to me 16 years ago! Seeing that we both have Irish in us, maybe we've just been lucky all these years together?

When we first got married, we talked about all the places we would love to visit one day.  High up on that list was Ireland.  Well, the long wait is over!  A dear friend of ours is getting married there this Fall, and we'll be part of the celebration.  My husband is officiating, and I'm actually a bridesmaid- a title I haven't had since the 90s.

As part of our travels, we're planning on heading over to Liverpool and Manchester for a few days.  I know I have some readers in England and Ireland.  So, if you have any great ideas on what to do and where to go, I'd love to hear it!


Claire said...

how wonderful!!
i'd love to visit ireland and 'do' a trip visiting castles...
while you're in dear ole blightly, you MUST visit oxford, my old uni, i go as often as i can just to soak up the atmosphere :)
and if you're at a loose end, there's always grantham... though, i think it's a cultural wilderness *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Although I live in the UK (London) I can't give any tips on Liverpool and Manchester...I've never been! However, I've heard that the Tate Liverpool is a great art gallery/museum, see here: I love the Tate Modern and Tate Britain in London! And I love your art (and your blog!).

~ Sara

Charissa - The Gifted Blog said...

How exciting! It's going to be extra special to participate in the wedding on top of going to a country you've both been wanting to go to for so long! Do you think you'll make any art while you're there? It will be fun to see what inspiration comes from the trip.

Jennie Prince said...

Ireland sounds amazing! How lucky are you? On a side note, I've enjoyed searching through your blog this much inspiration here! Thank you!


resolute twig said...

how lovely, you are lucky!
and congrats on the anniversary :)

JULITA said...


Parabéns pela realização de mais um sonho e do carinho que transmite em suas obras. Seu blog é maravilhoso, sensível a produção artística.

Um abraço.


flyhoof said...

Your Etsy interview was fantastic! I really enjoyed reading it :)

If you get time while you're in Manchester, you might like a look in the craft and design centre. Its a lovely building full of art and craft studios, I'm sure it'd be your kind of thing!

b.tanjerine unique jewelry said...

Congratulations!!! I just read your interview and hopped on over to your blog. You are inspiring and I hope you have a fabulous time in Ireland... We were in England a few years back and loved it!!! Your creative juices are going to explode. So don't forget your pen & paper for all your ideas.

Cathy said...

Thanks for the tips everyone! And hello to all the new readers!

eileen said...

Hi Cathy,

I just came across your blog via your Etsy interview and guess what I'm Irish :) . Anywhere on the West Coast in Ireland is absolutely gorgeous. I am from Sligo a coastal town on the northwest coast - it has gorgeous beaches, mountains and lakes. Also worth visiting are Galway, connemara, Aran Islands, Mayo....the list goes on. If you want more tips just let me know. Btw -love your blog and art work - very inspiring.

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