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May 15, 2011

I'm cat sitting for two weeks.  My friends are laughing right now because they know that I'm not much of a cat person, and yet I'm a cat magnet.  In fact, while I'm typing this, one of the cats is resting her head on my arm.  I must smell like cat nip or something.

My friend's cat. I think she's the most handsome cat ever.

Mother's day dinner was at a family favorite in SE Portland.  Coming out of the restaurant,  I noticed the misspelled sign ("delieacy") for the first time.  It made me smile.

My youngest daughter celebrated birthday no. 8.  Lots of girly squeals and laughter as they pretended to be mermaids. 

I finished three wood panel pieces for the July show and added the piece below to my Etsy shop.

Horses in a field
Also, my art and an interview was featured here.  The week before, the featured artist was fellow Portlander Rachel Austin.   


RAKU. said...

week of cats, I love them, congratulations for the photos, I love your work is very special and original, great week

Mimii said...

cute story about cats :) When I was young, I was afraid by cats and now, I've one and I love them all, they are so funny, cute and lazy !!!

only daydreaming said...

wow. your show is going to be AMAZING! those paintings are so beautiful. I am loving everything you create these days. yep. all of it. :)

Anonymous said...

Send B. a happy birthday greeting from us! Love these latest works. Actually, love all your works, my friend.

lamina@do a bit said...

Awww got to love a cat with a little moustache!!! Love the new wood pieces..Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great week Cathy! Thanks again for doing the interview with me, and thanks for the shout out! Best to you!

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