Journals of love

Jun 23, 2011

As a baby shower gift for the birth of our first daughter, we were given a journal by a friend.  I was never much of a diary keeper, but I loved the idea of recording our daughter's life using the written word.  Each journal entry is in the form of a letter, and we write about two entries a year.  We talk about how she's growing and make sure to mention any memorable moments that had occurred.  Often times, I'll add a picture or some other paper keepsake to go along with our stories. 

When our second daughter was born, we bought a journal for her and began filling it with letters of love and memories.  Here's a snippet from 2005, when she was 2 1/2 years old.
Every morning you are the first to rise.  It's routine now for you to yell for us from your bed.  Even though Dad and I would love to sleep in just a few minutes longer, I never tire of hearing your feet go pitter-patter down the hallway and into the bed.  You're a great snuggler, and my heart seems to always melt whenever you say, "I missed you, Mom."
In the same entry, I describe the terrifying moment of when a coin got stuck in my daughter's throat.  And that very coin is in the journal!   

The girls discovered the journals just a couple of years ago.  Although they've read every entry to date, and even added a few of their own, my plan is to continue recording their childhood until they graduate from high school. 

Journals are truly a wonderful gift.  I have given them to new parents as well as newly married couples. With the birth of my niece and nephew last week, I'm once again on the hunt for two beautiful journals.

If you have a special way of organizing keepsakes and recording memories, I'd love to hear your ideas!


sallie kate said...

This is precious. Storing this idea for when I'm a mama :)

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