Tom Tierney's fashionable paper dolls

Jun 2, 2011

My girls think I'm famous because I have a blog.  I told them that I'll be famous once I'm a Tom Tierney paper doll.  Tom Tierney is a well-known name in our household, as the girls have been collecting his paper doll books for years.  For her birthday a couple of weeks ago, my youngest got the latest paper doll collection of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

A handsome couple indeed.  Here they are dressed for a "ball."  The much talked about wedding dress is actually not in the book, but you can request it online at Dover Publications.  It should be on its way to our home.

I love Tom Tierney's paper dolls for so many reasons.  For one, the books are very affordable and provide countless hours of fun.  Cutting out the dolls and clothes alone keep the girls busy for a good day or two!  The collections also showcase period fashion and memorable outfits worn by celebrated figures.  The girls particularly favor the Hollywood glamour dresses of the 1930s - 40s.

I'm not sure if my uniform of leggings and oversized sweaters will ever make a desirable paper doll wardrobe.  Good thing I can be "famous" blogging in the comfort of my home (and clothes) and still be adored by my two greatest fans.


lamina@do a bit said...

Great post :) I think it is so cute that your little ones think your famous ..awwww.. LOVE it!
The paper dolls are so cool... I want one! I remember I was obsessed with making my own paper dolls when I was little... just too much fun :D

Charissa said...

This is adorable...thanks for sharing your stories. I'm also trying to file away good kid gift ideas, so I'll add this to my Wishpot folder!

Michele said...

I love him, too. I have several of his books but I can't bear to cut them up. Maybe I'll play with mine this weekend.
<a href=">SeeDollyRun</a>

Squirrel and Starling said...

I remember having Shirley Temple, Scarlett O'Hara and Carmen Miranda paper dolls in particular. I think they were all Tom Tierney. Love them! -Colleen

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