Topography Love

Jun 29, 2011

I've always had a thing for topographical maps, so it comes as no surprise that I'm digging these creative works.
Anthony Roberto
Aili Schmeltz
Nicola Searle
Mark Alsweiler


KAT said...

very interesting! I like patterns like geometric designs myself

Crooked Sister said...

I have a soft spot for fiber installation work so I'm loving the pieces by Ali Schmeltz. I'm going to have to borrow this and reshare with my readers. Hope you don't mind. :)

Cathy said...

Crooked Sister, I'm all about sharing, especially when it comes to fantastic art.

Anonymous said...

I love topography too and absolutely love your picks in this blog post - perfect! ~ Sara

sallie kate said...

These are super cool. I dig.
I thought topo maps were great until I had to make my own three-d in architecture school :)
I like your work.

Rayven said...

I love that the geometric patterns mixed with the natural images mesh so well. It seems almost primal, to me.

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