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Sep 5, 2011

my husband and i spent a quiet evening [ie without kids] at st. jack
the pate was my favorite and the madeleines were so heavenly

whenever i need an article of clothing altered,
i go to a lady named ginny who has the most amazing barbie collection [100 plus and counting]
i brought the girls with me this time around- you can only imagine their faces

enjoyed one of the last days of summer break as a family wading at opal creek

wedding mania:
i worked on my first wedding invitation design
and i'll be heading to ireland soon for a friend's wedding! 


littlebirdbigcity said...

I think St. Jack is my new favorite joint. I love their cocktails! I plowed through an entire pot of Mac and Cheese the other night. I was convinced my arteries were going to clog because of it, but I didn't care. So delicious!

sarah jean, said...

beautiful C! the rsvp is lovley, and your photos are amazing :)

HomeCollection. said...

super nice invititation!
is it what you've done?

Cathy said...

Marion- yes, I designed the invitation, rsvp card, and map in the photo. I'm glad you like it!

jen v said...

hi there i'm a fellow portlander who is coming out of lurkdom for a long overdue comment.. i just wanted to say that the wedding invitations you designed are incredibly awesome. i love your work. happy monday.

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