my creative week

Dec 27, 2011

whenever it's a little quiet on the blog, 
it usually means i'm busy working on some creative projects . . .
here's my latest painting, Aura
it's part of my upcoming show at prana next month

i finished this crocheted baby blanket for my nephew in the nick of time
it's just big enough to accompany him in the carseat or a stroller

i found some glass paperweights at a frame shop and 
thought they would look nifty with some of my art
not sure if people use paperweights anymore,
but at least they look nice on a desk

the handful of paperweights were gifted to loved ones

hope everyone had a joy-filled christmas day
the sunrise from our window was glorious

the sunset was beautiful, too


Yvonne said...

Very lovely, everything.

Halina said...

This was lovely and inspiring, as always! Have a peaceful and creative Christmas time :D

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

love your new painting. and your other gorgeous creations.
thanks for your positive message :)
have a happy, fun, safe new year xx

UmberDove said...

ah, digging the paperweights! But really it's the new painting - perfectly intriguing!

Tina Anderson said...

So glad that I am a loved one that received one of the paper weights. I loved them from afar and now I can love my very own--even all the way in Uganda!


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