new print: it was just a dream

Jan 25, 2012

I tend to have very vivid dreams.  Sometimes I'll spend the first waking moments recounting the stirring details of my dreams to my husband, who, in turn, does a remarkable job pretending to be interested.

My dreams play out like a chase sequence in Bourne Identity or an elaborate storyline from an epic film.  And then there's the perpetual teacher's nightmare- standing in front of a classroom without a lesson plan.  Not sure why I still have this dream seeing that I left teaching many years ago. 

Sometimes the most evocative moment happens before the REM cycle.  While falling asleep and with my eyes closed, there are times when I can see an electrifying display of colors.  The colors are bright and captivating, and before I can think too much about it, I am fast asleep.  Yesterday, I was reminded of this nocturnal chromatic phenomenon when I started working on my latest print design, It was just a dream

I find beautiful dreams are the hardest to remember, or, at least, retain.  With my new work I wanted to capture just a split moment of tranquility and bliss found in a beautiful dream.

To create the soft, blurred effects of this piece, I used pastels.  I haven't used pastels (particularly oil pastels) as much as I would have liked to the past year, because I've been focusing on acrylics.  If you've been following my 30 works in 30 days project, you may have noticed that I like to work with a variety of art materials.  I'm realizing from this personal endeavor that I am ready to explore further the use of different mediums, like pastels, in my art.


Carmen said...

Hi Cathy,
I follow your blog. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your work. It sort of reminds me of Paul Klee's work. You inspire and uplift me, thanks. I just started blogging for the first time this year. The site is I hope you will visit soon. Take care.

Melanie Grace Designs said...

It is really hard to capture dream images and release them in your work. I've had dreams of designs that were so incredible that I had to draw them out as soon as I woke but they don't always work so well in the light of consciousness. Love yours though. Thanks for sharing.

Charissa - The Gifted Blog said...

Ah, beautiful!! Love the new use of color and pastels. Have you ever thought about keeping a dream journal?

Brittan said...

this is so peaceful and beautiful, cathy. thank you for sharing! i love that you have such vivid dreams. i have very vivid dreams to the point that sometimes it makes it hard for me to focus in this consciousness. i love that you bring your dreams into your work, the pastels are a wonderful look in this piece :)

Jesse Lu Bain said...

absolutely love this... what a gorgeous new direction you could explore.

Cathy said...

Thanks everyone. Charissa, I have thought about keeping a dream journal, but that was ten years ago. Maybe I should start keeping a sketchbook next to my bed and see what comes from that.

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