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Feb 8, 2012

In addition to creating an original work every day for the last four weeks, I took on a client project.  If you are an Etsy regular, then you've most likely seen the beautiful collection of jewelry designer Julie Nolan.  Julie is currently redesigning her website, and I was honored to be asked to create an art work for her landing page.

Based on Julie's likes [deserts and tribal patterns] and elemental designs found in her jewelry line, this is what I came up with:

While I was working on the new design, Julie was busy working on a major order for Anthropologie! Her pieces are expected to land in stores any time now, so keep your eyes open.  You can always find her full collection in her Etsy shop, too.

Working on client projects has been an exciting part of my fall and winter, so I added a new section to my website.  Check it out here


Raggle Taggle Gypsy Girl said...

Great design......Funky but organic and it kind of has a japanese feel but also tunes into geometric shapes and beautiful subtle colours......Well done......Hope she likes it......

Laila said...

You've made something really special. A beautiful piece of art that is easy to recognice. I'm sure she will like it and that your piece will be helpful for her shop.
Really nice work!

Anonymous said... exciting for both you and her!

susanna said...

Congratulations! That's exciting for both of you. I can see how your design connects with her jewelry. Yours is a good partnership.

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