artists i like: bryce wymer

Mar 26, 2012

I recently came across the works of Brooklyn-based artist Bryce Wymer.  I'm particularly fond of his hand illustrations.  The ceramic pieces are a collaboration with another Brooklyn artist, Farrah Sit

The grasp vase is fantastic!

To see more of Wymer's wonderful art, go to his shop here and his blog here.  He also has a series of time lapse videos you need to check out.  Here's one of his latest videos.


Anonymous said...

Wow, very allusive of Grecian pottery too.

Katie Bee said...

Hi Cathy and fellow Readers,

I am just super curious: What is the white stuff Wymer prepares the pages of his sketchbook with at the start of the video? Is it gesso?

Thanks all.



Cathy said...

Nancy, yes! Thanks for making that connection.

And Katie, Bryce confirmed that it is gesso.

Nicole said...

wow. that's all I have to say. Thanks for sharing!

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