new work: In the deep dark woods

Mar 19, 2012

I love a good story.  Some of the best stories take place in the forest, where adventure and mystery meet beauty and enchantment.  We are all familiar with the classic tales of runaway princesses, heroic bandits, and grandma-eating wolves in the woods.

After a stint of painting mountains, I was inspired to create a woodland scene.  I centered the work around a pond in the middle of a grove.  Initially, I was going to title the work Wishing Well, but as the piece developed, In the deep dark woods seemed more fitting.  I wanted the painting to read like a story and to conjure up a childlike response of curiosity, marvel, and fear. 

Typical of my landscape paintings, the creative process involved a lot of layering of colors and textures.  I actually did quite a bit of carving into the wood panel, most noticeably with the trees and the triangles in the right hand corner.

Recently, I have been using maple wood panels in lieu of birch panels.  I like the feel of the paint on the maple hardwood, which has a smoother surface.  I would love to find a local company that makes maple panels.  I currently use maple panels made by Art Boards [Brooklyn, NY].    

After finishing the new painting, I tackled a blanket project with scraps bought at the Pendleton fabric store.  Check back tomorrow to see the finished product!


Carolyn A Pappas said...

Have you heard of Plywerk? They make maple and bamboo panels. I heard of them through Jill Bliss, who is also in Portland I believe.

Cathy said...


Yes, Plywerk is a wonderful company! Their products are great. As far as I know, they only offer 1/2" maple, though, and for larger paintings, I prefer a deeper panel.

Once I start working on even bigger paintings (like 3' x 3'), I may start making my own.

Claire said...

this painting is magical!! i favourited it straightaway on etsy :)

Agata Kwiatkowska said...

I am a long time since I visited this blog. I see that your painting style has changed and matured. The image that I watch today is perfect! When I look at him I feel like someone took me on a magic journey. This is really great!

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