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Jun 4, 2012

dusk in portland
25 feet of backbreaking work // now onto our next project - painting our house black!

So we bought a used car, built the rock wall, and I finished the collection for tomorrow's online show [more on that in the next post].  No wonder I'm beat. . . but no rest for the weary! Gotta finish one more interview, upload a painting or two into my shop, and start another project for Prana. And that's just my to-do list.  Add the kids' end of the school year events, and we've offically got mayhem.  At least I don't have a classroom to put away for the summer.  That was my least favorite task as a teacher.  Nothing like cleaning up after 180 kids.  

This is my latest work in progress.  I deconstructed a 18" x 18" oil painting I started several years ago and used oil pastel over it to create a scene of the Columbia Gorge.  I'm at one of those stopping points when you just stare at the art work for an annoyingly long time and chant, what to do, what to do


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous new pieces! I know what you mean: I used to teach art & the end of the year is rough! So glad to not have to do that anymore too:) Lovely rock wall!

Brit said...

love those paintings. :)

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