in the little details

Sep 8, 2012

My brain is on constant overdrive.  Sometimes it thinks so loudly my husband tells me to turn it off.  Being out in nature is actually one of the few things that relaxes me.  There's something about the roar of the ocean or the sound of the wind in the trees that subdues my mind.

In His created beauty, God calls out to me to be still.  And I listen so that I can see.  I see all the wondrous ways He created this earth, and it's a reminder of how much He cares for me.  The tiniest pebble on a beach can have beautiful markings.  If He cares about these little details, I know that even the most insignificant things in my life matter to Him.   


only daydreaming said...

lovely to see the world through your eyes. and I'm with you on God and the little details of our lives. so many spoken or unspoken little things that others may or may not 'get' or care about. but He does. :)

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