Oct 8, 2012

It's been over a week since I've painted at my art desk.  I have to remind myself that progress isn't necessarily measured by a count of finished products.  It's okay to mull over ideas- that's what the sketchbook is for.

Recently, I've been thinking about creating more works on paper.  I enjoy working in pen and marker, as evidenced by my sketchbook.  I think I'll also start using more gouache in my art.  Initially, I wasn't too excited about its chalky finish, but I do favor its opaque quality. 

Looking ahead, I have a number of projects to work on the next few weeks.  I'll be restocking a couple of local stores, designing a new calendar (put in any suggestions below), and starting three pieces for a new online gallery out of London.

I'm curious to see how these new works will turn out.  But first things first . . . adding blue to my hair.


anika said...

Your sketchbook looks like something I'd have a good time flipping through! Love the blue in your hair too. :)

Katie said...

Hey Cathy, wish I had a sketchbook that looked as exciting inside as yours! You are truly talented and I love your work - looking forward to seeing what you're mullings come up with :) Blue hair looks amazing, great job!

Good luck with your beautiful projects.

Katie. X

Josh Jackson said...

Loving the new blog look Cathy!

And that you're on Instagram. :)

Jack Spicer Adams said...

Your sketchbook looks lovely. x

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