new print: rain shadow

Oct 15, 2012

While brainstorming a title for my latest work,  I stumbled across the term rain shadow.  A rain shadow describes the arid land on the side of a mountain range that is sheltered from winds carrying moisture from the ocean.  When traveling over the Cascades, one can definitely see this effect in the change of terrain and plants.  Lush fir forests are on one side of a mountain and ponderosas and juniper on the other.

Rain shadow seems to perfectly describe my new piece.  The focus is the remote and rocky landscape of central Oregon, but, in the foreground, there is a dense, shadowy forest layered with cloud-like formations.

As promised, I'm working on offering larger prints in my Etsy shop.  So, Rain Shadow is available as an 11" x 14" print as well as the standard 8.5" x 11" size.  This week, I am running a special promotion-  save 20% on your purchase of Rain Shadow!


Susurrus said...

Beautiful. Your work seems to be getting better and better, even though it was good to start with!

katie d. said...

Love this. I wanted to use the name Rain Shadow as a business name but it was already taken.

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