my week

Nov 26, 2012

it's been 15 years since we've brought a puppy home
she's a lot like our first dog- so very sweet . . . but a tad more fearless
she didn't even cry her first night with us

the day before thanksgiving, we took her to the beach
she chased the waves and climbed the dunes

we named her Scout

the november rain has been relentless
but we caught a break at the beach

when the sun was setting, the sky looked like it was on fire
a young man pointed to the colorful display and remarked, "heaven's a million miles that away"
well said

i've amped up production this week
in preparation for the holiday market nov. 30 - dec. 1

whatever doesn't sell goes into my etsy shop on sunday
tomorrow's feat: designing a 2013 calendar

i think i can, i think i can


Brittan said...

aww! such a sweet face!
and those beach shots are amazing!!!
good luck at your market, your work is so wonderful, i am sure it will all be scooped right up!
(ps. love the weavings!)

Katie said...

Beautiful post Cathy, the photos are stunning and the weavings are AMAZING! You are a very talented lady. Katie. X

Josh Jackson said...

Looks like a great week Cathy! Really beautiful beach photos and loving the thought of you amping up production - you seem to be doing so much already. :)

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