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Mar 14, 2013

new print, Destiny
I finished a new painting this week.  I initially wanted to call it Journey Home and then my husband said that it sounded like a movie about a lost dog and cat.  So Destiny it is. 

Whenever I paint a mountain in a scene, I typically imagine myself on a trail coming towards it . . . as if I'm being called to it.  Mountains have a deeper meaning for me than just mighty forces of nature.  They are a representation of God and His mighty nature.  I believe that God is all around us, but there's something about being on a mountaintop that does make me feel closer to Him.  And I don't think it's by coincidence that God reveals Himself and His plan for His people on mountains. It was on a mountain, after all, where God tested Abraham, spoke to Moses, and where Jesus was transfigured.

mini-painting, night radiance

work in progress
Although mountains are a favorite subject of mine to paint, I took a break from it one day this week and started this ocean scene.  Painting the ocean can be intimidating, or maybe that's just how I feel when I'm standing in front of it.  A mountain is still, whereas the ocean is constantly in motion.

I'm happy that this painting has come along rather smoothly.  I think I'll continue with the ocean theme with the next wood panel piece.

Starting in April, my art will be on display in Grand Central Bakery on Hawthorne.  So this new painting will be part of the show. 


Carmen said...

Very beautiful.

Brittan said...

as always, your work is inspiring and beautiful!
and a belated happy birthday to your teenager!
happy friday to you :)


KrokodiLina said...

wonderful new print! love the work in progress!
happy weekend

Cathy said...

Carmen, Brittan, and Dania- thanks so much for the lovely comments. It's always nice to get such encouraging feedback after posting new work on here : )

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Lotta Losten said...

Haha! I love the reason behind the title. :-)

And the painting is wonderful!

Hastypearl said...

Just finished the Book of Micah...again:) lovely and strong things said about God and mountain tops. He's pretty into the highest points, too!
Colorado is a spiritual place for me as well...glad to hear someone else feels the your work...

Hastypearl said...

First submission didn't work...I'll try again...I had said, that I just finished reading the Book of Micah where there are numerous mentions of mountains and God is pretty serious about His Temple being on the highest mountain!
I love that He gifted them to us.
I have some favorite ones in Colorado.
Wondeful transformative things happen to me there.
Glad you paint them for us, so much:)

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