waking from hibernation

Feb 11, 2014

seeking beauty and solace at the Oregon coast

Finding balance between two worlds- family and work- is probably the greatest challenge for a working mom/wife.  Add the home as the workplace, and the lines get blurred even more.  I pride myself on being an effective multi-tasker, but even then, there just isn't enough time in the day to get everything done.  So dishes pile up in the sink, a shower is skipped, and time at my art desk is captured in wee hours of the night.  It's not the ideal situation, but I am grateful for it. 

The last six months have been some of my busiest- new collaborations, commissions, and the holiday hustle and bustle.  With the labor force still at one (just me), juggling all the new commitments have been quite precarious.  To maintain some assemblance of sanity and order, I've had to say 'no' to many things.  I wasn't expecting one of those sacrifices to be my blog.  But looking back these past few months, it was much needed.  I guess it was a hibernation of sorts.  Animals hibernate to store energy and survive the winter.  I was trying to preserve my creative energy.

Now that the busyness has waned a bit, I'm getting back into my old routine.  I'm breaking in a new sketchbook, and I'm currently working on a couple of paintings and weavings- not commissions, just for fun.  I'd like to get back to blogging on a regular basis, ideally a couple times a week.  I have over a dozen unfinished posts sitting in my draft queue, but I'm curious to hear topics of interest from readers.  If you have an idea or two for blog posts, feel free to list them below. 

Thanks for sticking with me.   

2014 commission: 4' x 8' chalkboard drawing of Pebble Beach


Carmen said...

Hello Cathy,
I'm really glad to hear you are back. I wondered what happened to you, I missed reading you blog. But am glad to hear you're back and sometimes a break is what we really need.
Look forward to hearing from you,

Jennifer Allison said...

there you are. here you are. thanks for the etsy reply...am excited for all you've got in your queue. forgot to mention i saw a couple of your weavings at the sweet little shoppe in moss landing, ca...lovely lovely.

is that YOUR perfect house in the first photo? bliss.

::welcome back::

Anonymous said...

Hello Katty
And welcome back! Your lines about hibernation reflect my life these months. I'm glad that you have succeeded to save your sanity and your creative energy during this period. And I am looking forward to your new blog updates.
I missed hearing your news. I would love to learn about life in Portland and maybe some new findings and artists that you are fond of.
Take care

Cathy said...

Carmen, thanks so much for your note! Nice to hear from you : )

Jennifer, I'm so glad you were able to stop by the shop in moss landing. As for the house in the photo, I wish I could say it was mine!

Brittan said...

So many beautiful and inspiring things!


violet said...

Hi Cathy, it's inspiring of this new post and nice to know that you've stored lots of energy to continue on. I am a big fan of yours and would be always be! Post whatever touches you and the true passion will pass to us…<3

Aubrey said...

Hi Cathy, I'm brand new to your website but am truly swept away by your craft. What beautiful work you do. I love that calendar! Truly, all of your art is exquisite. I love finding people who inspire me to continue creating, whatever the method, and open their arms to others via their words and photographs in such a warm way. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

Cathy said...

Aubrey, thanks for the lovely comment!

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