Jul 26, 2014

God speaks to me through the roar of an ocean and the wind's whisper in a forest.  It's a message that rings true in my heart and mind.  Know that I am God.

As I stand at the edge of the land and sea, I find comfort in His never changing ways. With every crashing wave, He declares His authority- and it's good and merciful.

This is the message that I've known all my life.  I cling to its power and truth when I feel the world's darkness and grief surround me. 

As a pastor's wife, I am constantly encountering stories of heartbreak and suffering.  Abusive relationships, neglected children, addictions, cronic illnesses, and more.  It's a side of my life that's never shared on the blog, yet it's such a significant part of my life.

He only is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be shaken. 

Life is messy, and through my faith and art, I try to find clarity, order, and hope.  Often times it's the simple things in life, like watching a sunset, that reminds us of our Maker and His faithfulness to us. 


Charissa said...

Cathy! Thank you for drawing back the curtain a bit on this part of your life. I was always curious about how your faith and art move together.

Silkiness said...

I too thank you for sharing this with your lovely photos. I love your art and knowing you are HIS daughter makes me so happy! I am a pastor's daughter and know the ache and sad times that comes in the midst of ministry.

Ed and Cori said...

Beautiful words and photos. I wandered over here from your Etsy shop, I just adore your paintings.

Michele said...

Cathy, I so SO relate. I spent much of the last 8 years in a war zone in Africa rescuing kids and establishing a children's rescue home. Coming back the West was the hardest thing I have ever done and it is in the whispers and roars of creation I find His embrace and in the process of creating I'm able to process the hard, beautiful, messy, inexplicable transition to whatever lies next and God's faithfulness in all. Thank you for splashing your heart on a page. Bravely. For all to see. Michele

Jennifer Lee said...

Hey, Cathy! Thanks to instagram I feel like I know you ;-) I've been a fan of your artwork for years. I'm an artist and homeschooling mom and we are studying mountain ranges on the west coast this week... We also study an artist and their techniques and naturally will be studying YOU this week :-) My little artists are only 5 & 7... so we'll see how they replicate your work (I hope that's okay, I'll tag a photo) They will be happy hear about your faith. My 7 yr old prays each night that all bad guys will become good guys and then love Jesus (assuming you are Christian, forgive me if I'm wrong!) Thank-you for your honesty and bravery in this post. The world can be a terribly dark place, but the Light is stronger <3 Jen @tenderbranch

Cathy said...

Hi Michele, I have a dear friend who has been working for a nonprofit in Rwanda. And I know the transition is always hard for her when she visits the States. Good thing God is so faithful and true no matter where we are in the world. Thanks so much for reading my blog and leaving a comment : )

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